Our Amenities
  • Hygiene

    The building is fitted with racks and hanging units to avoid contact with floor. Staffs have been trained to uphold cleanliness in every stage of process and are educated about delicacy of the product they are handling.

  • Production Facilities
    Production Facilities

    State-of-the art and custom built facility having natural temperature control in place. The material used to construct the walls of the building is clay bricks keeping in mind maintenance of natural aura of the ambiance.

  • Processing

    Substrates (materials the mushrooms grow in) are blended and packaged into special plastic bags and/or containers. Elements of substrates are hey, soil, sand, and cow dung. Containers and substrate are then sterilized to remove contaminating microorganisms. We use water baths for sterilization of hey and absolutely no chemicals are used for its cleaning.

    After being sterilized, the substrate-filled containers are inoculate with the desired fungi and placed into spawn run rooms where temperature, humidity, light, and sometimes atmospheric gases are carefully controlled. When the spawn run is complete, additional treatments are given to the substrate before mushrooms develop.

  • Spawns

    We use high quality spawns to ensure the guaranteed taste and aroma of the mushrooms.



Building No: BP-IV/254A, P. O. Thuruthiyad

Kokkalloor, Balussery, Kozhikode

Kerala, PIN 673 612 India


Ph : +91 496 2 70 71 72 , +91 907 2 37 71 72

Mail ID : info@prayathimushrooms.com


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