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  • The hidden secrets of mushroom
    The hidden secrets of mushroom

    Each 100 grams of mushroom are rich in Vitamins like Riboflavin 24%, Niacin 18%, Pantothenic Acid 15 % and Vitamin D 5% .They also are rich source of minerals like Copper 16%, Selenium, Phosphorus 9% and Potassium 9% per 100 g of Mushroom. The nutrient content per 100 g of mushroom ranges from Protein 6%, Dietary Fibres 4%, Carbohydrates 1%, Calories 1%.Selenium an antioxidant that works with vitamin E shields cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.

  • Reduced Blood Pressure
    Reduced Blood Pressure

    A mushroom based diet is the best alternative to reduce hypertension; keeping you away from the “silent killer”. The high potassium levels in mushrooms play a vital role in relaxing blood vessels. They help in reducing blood pressure and ensuring a healthy cardiovascular condition.

  • Prevents Cancer
    Prevents Cancer

    Mushrooms are not just “pizza toppings”’but, one of the best cancer fighting “super foods “. Mushroom has a perfect nutritional composition that ensures a “no Cancer” living condition. They are a good source of Selenium, Folate and vitamin D that plays a vital role in preventing different types of cancer and tumor growth in body.

  • Low calorie diet
    Low calorie diet

    Regardless of the type of mushroom you include in your diet, the probabilities of maintaining a low calorie diet is more. It is proven that a mushroom based daily diet ensures “No cholesterol“, “Low-Fat” eating habit thereby ensuring a balanced Sodium level in the blood.





  • Strengthens immunity
    Strengthens immunity

    Mushrooms are good dietary supplement for those who are more prone to cough, cold and related infections. They are one of the best antioxidants that boost your immune system. The cell walls of this category of fungus have beta-glucan fibers that fight against cancer cells and tumors growth.

  • Anti-aging property
    Anti-aging property

    Mushrooms are rich in anti-aging properties. Certain varieties of edible mushrooms, are a good source of L-ergothioneine and kojic acid; a chelating agent with excellent skin exfoliating and brightening properties. Their anti-inflammatory properties improve vitality, skin renewal and increase skin elasticity. This makes mushrooms an imperative component in many skin care products; particularly those with anti-aging properties.



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